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Incrementally improve and standardize the quality of your code in each pull request. Ensure your coding standards are applied consistently as code changes without having to disrupt your team.

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The features you need

Ensure consistency with GitHub checks

Ensure consistency

Make sure your code quality and style are standardized by automatically applying style and quality checking tools.

Tune linters to match your preferences

Fits your tastes

Either use the defaults, or customize linters to fit your existing coding standards.

Stickler integrates into your pull request process

Integrated in your workflow

Stickler integrates with your existing GitHub code review process. Receive feedback and get automatic fixes on each pull request through GitHub Checks.

Always clean and sharp

Always fresh

Don't waste time keeping your tools sharp and up to date. We continuously update linters so you don't have to.

Supports your entire stack

Stickler CI works with your entire stack. Supporting 18 languages, and 20 linters, Stickler CI works with web, mobile and infrastructure languages and frameworks.

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