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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see comments?

  • If your repository doesn't have a configuration file reviews may not work for all languages in your repository.
  • If one of your tool configuration files contains an error, reviews will fail. For example: if your jshint.config file contains a JSON syntax error eslint will fail preventing comments from being posted.

Why can't I see my private repositories?

Private repositories are only visible when you have a paid plan.

Why can't I enable Stickler CI for some repositories?

If you can't find a repository, check that it has been added to the list of repositories that the Stickler CI GitHub Application has access to. If the repository has been added in GitHub, try refreshing your repository list in Stickler CI.

How long does Stickler CI keep my code?

Stickler CI only keeps your code on our servers for the duration of a review. After the comments for a review are posted your code is removed from our servers.

How do I revoke access from Stickler CI?

To stop getting comments on pull requests, you can disable your repository or your repositories page or by revoking the access token Stickler CI uses from the Authorized Applications in GitHub.

Can I use Stickler CI with GitHub Enterprise?

Not currently, but if you are interested in self-hosting contact us and we can figure something out.

Can I use Stickler CI with Bitbucket or Gitlab?

Not currently. If there is enough demand in the future, support may be added.

Why don't I see all my organizations?

If after you refresh your teams there are still some missing, you will need to update your OAuth application settings. Go to Application Settings, and under Authorized OAuth Applications and under Organization Access grant access to the desired organizations.