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Align your team's code reviews with automatic style feedback, for all the languages you use, all in one place.

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Why choose Stickler

Simple, Stylish, Automated

Quick setup, quick feedback
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Connecting your repository is a couple clicks away and our reviews finish in record time.

Fits your code style
Fits your Style

Use the default style guides or customize each tool to fit your team's tastes.

We automate the tedious part of code review
Automate Dirty Work

Use auto fixing to correct your team's style errors so you can focus on feedback.

What People Say

Top Teams Trust Stickler

Bryan Crowe of CakePHP

Stickler-CI is invaluable, it smooths over coding style conversations, it’s fast, effortless, and lives right within our existing workflow.

Bryan Crowe
Core Contributor at CakePHP

Alex Vermeulen of FreshBooks

I love that Stickler-CI enforces cohesive style across applications without me having to hound people.

Alex Vermeulen
Team Lead at FreshBooks

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